Welcome to powwhalemedia.com.  Pow Whale is a multimedia production company started by Zach Newton.  The goal is to eventually have a wide community of artists from all walks of life come together to contribute to the growth of this site.  Inspiration, creativity and love are the most important qualities to making art, and everyone is encouraged to submit their work.

About the artist(s)



Zach Newton (Jefe)

Zach Newton is the founder of Pow Whale Media. Born in 1989, bitten by a radioactive chimp when he was four, which turned him into a radioactive super human with the powers of a radioactive chimp. He retired from crime fighting at the age of 10 and since then has been making art to pass his time. He is determined to make a living for himself through his super enhanced art abilities. Often times his work takes him late into the night but that is okay with him since his radioactive monkey glow keeps him from sleeping.

In 2012, Zach graduated from the University of the Arts with his Bachelors of Fine Arts in the field of animation.  Since then, he has been working like a dog to make a comfortable living and to always continue working on his passion, his art.  Currently, Zach is living in Philadelphia, PA and enjoying life.  He has several projects lined up, including his funk-punk action comedy comic “Bust Berries” along with his comic series “Science Cats” which is a meditation on hedonism and sin.  Zach is also currently working on bringing you some video games and music for the world to enjoy.  As Pow Whale grows, it’s exciting to see what new talented faces will appear on this website.  For now, enjoy Zach’s work and have a wonderful day.

See his portfolio online, here.



All material on this website is copyrighted by Pow Whale and Pow Whale Media.

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